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What we do – Our Services

01. Marketing | Content

The core area of kulturbiz by Carola Hölting is Marketing & PR Consulting as well as Content Creation. It is aimed at small to medium-sized companies as well as educational and cultural institutions.

We help you to create interesting content and how to place it on your website and social media channels. As we are also connected to universities, this includes creation of educational content as well.

We are also experienced in planning and organization of trade fair events.

02. You need more?

We know what tasks may be incurred beyond our core skills: you need a graphic designer or a corporate video, a professional speaker for audio dubbing, a composer for the company’s sound on Youtube.

It also might come to issues such as legal advice about work or media law, fundraising and sponsorship or support for companies‘ health care, personal coaching and stress management.

Let us know what you are looking for to help you to find the right expert.

03. The Network

With our wide network of experts, we can provide you with exactly the expert you need for your project.


Ahh! You are interested in learning some skills and knowledge on your own? Great!

You can book our experts personal or on remote, so you can improve your skills at work or from home office, however, it is necessary.

We are also working on online courses and tutorials. Stay tuned!

What it’s all about

The leading idea behind kulturbiz

The benefits of cooperation between business companies, artists and scientists

01. The Beginning

The idea behind kulturbiz, the link between art, science and business, is ultimately based on the curriculum vitae and the experience gained by founder Carola Hölting. In parallel to her academic studies at Heidelberg University, she started working as a theater photographer.

After completing her studies, she continued to work for the theater, but also for the University of Ulm (her focus was on video to find practical results for the planned new media center of the KIZ) and as a lecturer for photography, photoshop, video and video editing at the University of Applied Sciences in Heidenheim.

For both activities, she was hired because of her artistic work and focus.

02. The Process

Working in the field of culture or research is undoubtedly exciting, but, especially for freelancers, pretty unstable from an economic point of view. Therefore, Carola has completed additional training in (cultural) management, marketing & PR with the intention of being able to better advise herself, but also others, from a more business perspective.

She still works as a photographer, but also as a marketing and PR consultant with the focus on the creation of content (photo, video, website, social media) for companies from the broadcast, professional audio, and IT business.

Her personal and professional network of people, therefore, spans a fairly wide range, as you can imagine.

03. The Conclusion

Ultimately, there was the following consideration: How can these three different areas – science, business & art – benefit from each other?

Creative minds and ideas are in demand in business and science.

Artists have a lot of ideas, creativity & non-conformist thinking, but little knowledge about how to think economically or how to best express and sell their talents.

At kulturbiz there is also a strong belief that everyone has more than just one talent.

So why not combine all skills and talents from different areas? Why not learn and benefit from each other?

If you agree, why not start right now?


The experience behind kulturbiz

„The leading idea behind kulturbiz is that I firmly believe that the cooperation between business companies, artists and scientists brings great benefits.“

Carola Hölting, Founder of kulturbiz

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